Hendersonville, TN Area Guide


Hendersonville is one of the friendliest and fastest growing communities in Tennessee. Whether you’re looking for a place to settle down and start a family or are looking for a place to retire, Hendersonville has something for you. With an excellent school system, beautiful parks, job opportunities, quality housing, and friendly neighbors, it’s no wonder why Hendersonville is growing so quickly. Located approximately 18 miles from downtown Nashville, Hendersonville is in close proximity to the Nashville's International Airport and offers all of the amenities of a large city and all the scenic nature of a rural area. Enjoy over 26 miles of beautiful shoreline on the sparkling Old Hickory Lake. If you’re looking for a high quality of life and all the amenities of city life in spacious country surroundings, then look no further than Hendersonville. To see for yourself what Hendersonville has to offer, please visit their official website at: https://www.hvilletn.org/.


In the 1780s “the great land grab” occurred, where men rushed to claim the territory of North Carolina west of the Allegheny Mountains for its rich, fertile, well-watered and easily-worked land suitable for plantations. The first of these men included Daniel Smith, James Sanders, William Henderson, and Thomas Masten. These men would become the founding fathers of Hendersonville. The recorded history of Hendersonville begins in 1783, when Daniel Smith and James Sanders visited the place to survey the area for the government of North Carolina, in furtherance of the great land grab. The first settlers included a number of merchants and shopkeepers, as well as farmers. Farming played a huge role in Hendersonville’s economy for more than a hundred years, and tenant farming was a significant aspect of it.

By World War II, the second great land grab was put into play with the improvements to Gallatin Road, the main road between Hendersonville and Nashville, and the impoundment of Old Hickory Lake. Residents of Nashville swarmed to the area with the dream of living in the newly formed suburbs along the Old Hickory Lake, just minutes away from downtown Nashville by automobile. During this time farming still played a major role in the area’s economy, but its role was slowly decreasing as time passed. Somewhere in the middle of the century, the percentage of persons living at Hendersonville who earned their livelihood from the soil slipped into the minority. By 1960 Hendersonville had lost the label of farming town and by 1970, other than the few farms that lingered on, their owners refusing to sell out, the town's agricultural heritage ceased to be a shaping force on its character. These farms were replaced by white- and blue-collar workers and their families, most of whom were not native to Hendersonville.

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Parks and Recreation

HendersonHendersonville’s Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to providing visitors and residents alike with well-rounded wholesome programs. The leisure time activities are to provide Hendersonville’s residents with a better quality of life through mental, physical, and social well being. Enjoy taking part in team sports such as baseball, basketball, kickball, soccer, inline hockey and many more or take advantage of one of Hendersonville’s well maintained parks and facilities.


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Attractions and Activities

HendersonHendersonville is home to a vast assortment of magnificent attractions and activities that draw visitors from all over. Whether you’re looking for a great place to shop or to relax, Hendersonville has got you covered. Discover more about Hendersonville’s rich history by taking a walk through seven historic homes and two fort sites and stand in rooms where Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston and other founding fathers of our country dined, planned and danced. Take in the fresh air by spending the day at Old Hickory Lake or enjoy an exciting outdoor activities such as golf or mountain biking. If you love fine dining, check out September's Restaurant or if you’re in the mood for some country cooking, the Long Hollow Jamboree is the place for you. Hendersonville is also home to the world’s largest religious television network, the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

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HendersonHendersonville is host to a variety of exceptional events throughout the year! From free festivals and cook offs to excellent concerts and theatrical productions, there’s something for people of all ages and interests.

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